Докато чакате 5цата...

Sin city, Nevada, Europa или нещо друго ?

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Докато чакате 5цата...

Мнение от GTAfan » 22 сеп 2013, 15:05

Седем откачени МОДа към поредицата:
/Before GTA V: 7 Greatest GTA PC Mods Ever Made/

7. GTA III Turns Realistic
/Turned the tables with open-world gaming by introducing an enormous universe that players could meander through and experiment in./

6. GTA IV Goes Back to the Future
/Niko McFly enters the world of Liberty City with this phenomenal mod/

5. GTA San Andreas Joins the HD Universe
/RAGE engine with GTA: San Andreas, allowing the originally cartoonish game to enter what Rockstar refers to as the “High-Definition Universe” – a universe currently only occupied by GTA IV (along with TLaD and BoGT) and Chinatown Wars./

4. GTA 2 Gets the RAGE Engine
/Rerendered version of Grand Theft Auto 2 using the RAGE engine./

3. GTA IV: The Day After Tomorrow
/Seeing as Liberty City is a miniature version of New York, recreating The Day After Tomorrow requires much less modification of the city itself. The statue of happiness becomes nothing more than a head and wrist, and the rest of the city is almost entirely covered./

2. GTA IV Style!
/With the widespread popularity of internet sensation PSY’s music video “Gangnam Style”/

1. GTA IV The Ragdoll Effect
/This is not technically a mod as much as it is a hack/

ПП.. за мен лично, ВСИЧКИТЕ са за боклука !

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Re: Докато чакате 5цата...

Мнение от venom4et0o » 22 сеп 2013, 17:05

IV to SA изглежда интересен, но ми се вижда прекалено цветен. :D
Tutun turbon vihellyksen kuulen. Äänellään se mielen kohentaa. Ujellus kuin rajun myrskytuulen. Sitä desibelipellet koittaa ohentaa!Изображение

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Re: Докато чакате 5цата...

Мнение от A.T.L. » 24 сеп 2013, 20:26

Може да пробвам мода за тройката.


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