GTA V Online:Gunrunning + 25 Steal Supplies (PC)

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GTA V Online:Gunrunning + 25 Steal Supplies (PC)

Мнение от Sladuk25 » 18 юни 2017, 23:51

+6 Мисиии
1.Destroy Truck around this area
2. Go to Buccaneer Way
3.Go to LC River
4.Go to Grapessed Main Street
5. Go to El burro Heights
6.Go to Zancudo Rive

+4 Мисиии:
1.Go to Humane Labs
2.Go to Great Ocean Highway
3.Go to Rancho Water and Power (Eliminate the Rival Operation)
4.Go to the training ground

Go to Vantage Point

Go to Paleto Bay search (Yacht)

Go to Lago Zancudo (Get Tank from Military Base)

+2 Мисиии:
1.Destroy the Trucks (in Town Los Santos)
2.Go to Banning

+2 Мисиии:
1.Go to Merryweather HQ
2.Go to Strawberry

Go to Rancho Water and Power. ...

Go to Elysian Island ...

+2 Мисиии:
1.Go to Popular Street
2.Go to Barbareno Road

Go to Zancudo River ...

+2 Мисиии:
1.Go to Raton Canyon
2.Go to the LISA Depot

+2 Мисиии:
1. (Около Del Perro)
2.(Около Alamo Sea)


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